The thoughts expressed on the linked pages are purely my own creation. They reflect my beliefs on a variety of topics. They were composed a number of years ago. After the horror of September 11, 2001, in New York, I found the topic "Accountability For Our Actions", to be apropos to our current situation.

In order to view the linked document, please click on the "Texas" icon beside the topic description.

Click here to view Why Do I Put My Thoughts On The Internet?
Click here to view May The Force Be With You - Not Really About The Movie!
Click here to view Accountability For Our Actions - What We Must Teach & Enforce
Click here to view I Didn't Have A Choice.   Oh, Really?
Click here to view Some Thoughts About Adoption - An Adoptee's View
Click here to view Eldorado - Edgar Allan Poe.     "Ride, boldly ride"
Click here to view The Desiderata - author unknown.     A "Must Read".
Click here to view After A While - Veronica A, Shoffstall.     "Lessons, not cynicism.".


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