I remember the moment we lost you like it was yesterday.  It seems time stood still right then even though 9 years has passed.  Time has marched on since then and so have we… but without you here our family has changed and things have taken on a different meaning.  I thought it would get easier with time… at least that’s what everyone tells you right?  But as time goes on you just keep missing more and more things in my life that I wish you could be there to see, and sometimes things that I really need you for.  I bought my first house a few years back.  I was so nervous to make such a big financial decision but it worked out.  I graduated nursing school and became an RN.  I would have liked you to see me walk that stage.  It was a proud moment for me.  I met a man and agreed to marry him… I would have liked you to meet him and shake his hand.  I would have loved your advice… and especially loved to see you give him a hard time.  Next came our wedding.  Since I was a little girl I dreamed of the day you would walk me down the aisle and we would have our father-daughter dance.  I have my career, my white picket fence, and my knight in shining armor… but even though all of my dreams have been realized I still feel just a little bit robbed.  It was such a beautiful day Dad, except you weren’t there.  It seems it just gets harder as time passes
This past year has been especially blessed for us.  Last December we found out that we were expecting.  It was such a lovely Christmas gift to be able to give Mom.  I wish I could have given it to you too.  We welcomed our son Evan Davis Schnaiter into the world at 21:34 on September 4/2013.  Even though my heart burst with joy upon his arrival there is still a piece missing.  I wish so badly that you could meet him Dad. He is so perfect.  I wish you could see me be a wife and a mom.  I think I’m not half bad at it. My heart aches to see you be a granddad because I know how much happiness it would have brought you and because my son deserves the chance to have known you… and because you would have been really great at it.  (This is where you would have said “Of course! I’m great at everything I do!”)  Please know that you are dearly missed and there isn’t a celebration or milestone that passes without thought of you. 


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